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 Master Instructors      
Coon, Tracy 04/10/2020 DOT&PF, Northern Region tracy.coon@alaska.gov
Cunningham, Mary 03/29/2016 SWPPP It Good



Packee, Eddie 10/23/2015 Travis/Peterson Environmental Consulting, Inc. EPackee@tpeci.com
Trasky, Shawn 03/12/2018 Crouse Environmental Compliance LLC shawn@cecalaska.com
Travis, Mike 02/12/2018 Travis/Peterson Environmental Consulting, Inc. mtravis@tpeci.com
Zimmerman, Alex 12/12/2019 Creative Courses azim07@comcast.net
Gladsjo, Garret 03/02/2018 proHNS, LLC garret@proHNS.com
James, Joshua 03/17/2020 SWPPP It Good



Mundahl, Erik 04/24/2019 Travis/Peterson Environmental Consulting, Inc



Tracy Coon    Instructor/Master Instructor (05/30/2017)

Tracy Coon was born and raised in Fairbanks. She attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and has been working in the construction industry for over 20 years. The past nine years focusing mainly on the environmental field. She has worked as a Storm Water manager for private contractors, conducting inspections to assess conditions at construction sites and gravel facilities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and permitting. She is currently a Stormwater Specialist for DOT Northern Region Construction.

Tracy loves to spend time with family and friends at her cabin. She enjoys riding snow machines and 4 wheelers.

Registration & Certifications

Mary Nan Cunningham    Instructor/Master Instructor (03/29/2016)


Mary Nan Cunningham has been privileged to call Alaska her home since 1962. She is one of those valley girls raised in Palmer, Alaska. She attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University. She began work with DOT/PF Construction in 1979 as a construction nomad, working in construction management, field inspection, drilling and blasting, materials testing and location survey. In the spring 2006, Mary was appointed to the position of DOT/PF Central Region Erosion and Sediment Control Advisor.

Ensuring NPDES and APDES compliance for Central Region Construction and Maintenance and Operations projects regularly requires her presence at a variety of construction projects to provide expert onsite advice, analysis and education for project staff. In addition to her regional duties, Mary is a participant of the multi-agency Alaska Stormwater Steering Committee responsible for developing and implementing the Alaska Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (AK CESCL) Program. Mary maintains her AK-CESCL and CISEC certifications. She was nominated for the Denali Peak Performance Award in May, 2010. Mary is the owner/instructor at SWPPP It Good.

It is rumored she is in need of a 12-step program for a small chlorophyll problem and an obsession for anything related to gardening.

Arthur Dunn    Instructor / Master Instructor (02/18/2014)

Art Dunn has been involved in environmental permitting, documentation, and compliance for construction projects in Southeast Alaska for28 years. He has worked in the construction industry for most of the last 45 years. Art has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Earth Science from Lake Superior State University in Michigan. He is currently employed as the Permit Compliance Reviewer for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Southeast Region Construction. In this capacity, he enjoys the problem-solving involved in construction environmental compliance as practiced in the challenging climate of SE Alaska.

Born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, he moved to Alaska shortly after completing a tour of duty in Vietnam as a US Army Infantryman and has lived here ever since. He enjoys the outdoors, and spends as much time as possible fishing and hunting in Alaska and throughout the world.

Registration & Certifications

Edmond Packee Jr., PhD    Instructor / Master Instructor (10/23/2015)

Senior Scientist

Dr. Packee earned his Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) in mining from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2005. He is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSSc.), Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Storm Inspector (CESSWI), and a Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality (CPSWQ). Dr. Packee has been performing erosion and sediment control related work since 1992. Dr. Packee is a Master Instructor for the AK-CESCL program.


Certifications, Degrees, Distinctions

Shawn Trasky    Instructor/Master Instructor (03/12/2018)

Shawn Trasky was raised in Chugiak. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering in 2002 from Montana Tech before returning to Alaska. Shawn continued her education and in 2011 she received a Master's Degree in Project Engineering and Management, also from Montana Tech. She has over 10 years of diverse experience in the environmental engineering field that includes working for oil and gas companies, private consulting, and construction in Alaska.

Shawn loves Alaska for the vast outdoors and enjoys hiking, running, camping, and fishing with her two dogs, Elroy and Astro.


Registration & Certifications

Michael Travis    Instructor / Master Instructor (02/12/2018)

P. E.

Michael Travis received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries Biology from the University of Alaska in 1980 and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Quality Science from the UAF, School of Engineering. He brings over 30 years of experience to the table in the environmental engineering field and draws from a well-rounded background working for a pipeline company, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, and in private consulting.

Currently, Mr. Travis is a principal in Travis/Peterson Environmental Consulting, Inc. with offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska. His current projects include pivotal contributions in advancing storm water management, hazardous waste remediation, fish passage, environmental impact assessments, and wetland permitting. His accomplishments across the environmental engineering spectrum offers a unique perspective and lends itself by making him a valuable resource for AK-CESCL.

Mr. Travis is a pilot and enjoys traveling throughout Alaska. He is also an avid golfer and loves to play during Alaska’s brief and intense summers. He published two novels – El Gancho in 2006 and Melozi in 2010.

Registration & Certifications

Alex Zimmerman    Instructor / Master Instructor (12/12/2019)

Owner; Creative Courses, LLC

Alex Zimmerman brings over 20 years of large scale construction experience in Erosion and Sediment Control training. From large disturbance, linear, and single family construction to restoration and emergency landslide repair, his experiences add to informative trainings on real world compliance issues for construction site operators, inspectors, and designers. Alex has consistently found value in the quality education he receives from IECA training. By getting involved in the Pacific Northwest Chapter he has worked to bring more local training opportunities the IECA members and the local community.

Working with CSI Geosynthetics in Vancouver, Washington, Alex has been helping project teams succeed by planning for the productive and compliant completion of varied construction tasks. Consulting has been keeping Alex busy across the country and in his favorite destination state, Alaska.

"The beautiful scenery, challenging climate, and great people make Alaska special and a place I never get tired of." says Zimmerman.

Focusing on productive site management for compliance, Alex assists project teams with planning and site audits to identify potential problems and more effectively ensure regulatory compliance. Sought after for site consulting and training, Alex finds time to volunteer with his local watershed stewards association and assist statewide stormwater management committee members.

Alex has been recognized by various associations and agencies for his professional course preparation and delivery. Developing custom trainings for audiences as varied as Alaska Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska Department of Transportation, Building Industry Association of Washington, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and cities in British Columbia, Alex stays up to date and informed on the latest regulations and compliance challenges. He was the 2009 recipient of the Educational Achievement award by the International Erosion Control Association. Course participants learn how to control costs, prevent erosion, protect water quality, and comply with permit requirements in an positive, proactive, profitable manner.

Registration & Certifications

Garret Gladsjo    Instructor (3/22/2018)

Garret is a licensed professional civil engineer and manager of proHNS LLC, a Southeast-based consulting firm specializing in engineering, technical, and administrative services. Before joining proHNS in 2016, Garret worked as a Project Engineer for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, where he actively applied erosion and sediment control practices on projects throughout Southeast Alaska. Born and raised in Washington, Garret cut his teeth in positions with the Snohomish County Public Works and Reichhardt & Ebe Engineering before moving to Alaska in 2013.

Garret actively maintains his AK-CESCL certification and keeps up to date on the latest technologies for effectively managing storm water on construction sites. In his current role as proHNS Principal Engineer, his many responsibilities include writing SWPPPs, developing Excavation Dewatering BMP Plans, and ensuring compliance with environmental permits.

In his spare time, Garret enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Brittany and their two dogs, Rainier and Maggie. He is an avid sports fan and can often be found ranting on Facebook about the performance of his favorite teams.

Certifications, Degrees, Distinctions

Joshua James    Instructor (04/17/2014)

Instuctor; SWPPP IT GOOD

Joshua James is a fourth generation Alaskan. He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from UAA in 2008, and is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Alaska. He has been an instructor of the AK-CESCL course since 2014, and maintains both AK-CESCL and CISEC certifications.

Joshua is also a journeyman heavy equipment operator having spent 10 years in the Alaska gold mining industry, both placer and hard rock. During his time in gold mining, he was an operator, foreman, surveyor and planner. Joshua left mining to complete his education. He began working in the Alaska Central Region DOT&PF as a college intern in 2004, a highway designer in 2006, a construction inspector in 2008, and an Erosion and Sediment Control Analyst in 2010.

He is responsible for providing support to projects in maintaining APDES compliance, and participates in ongoing APDES compliance education for AKDOT&PF staff and our partner contractors. Joshua is an AK CESCL instructor for SWPPP It Good.

Registration & Certifications

Erik Mundahl, P.E.   Instructor (04/24/2019)

Environmental Engineer

Erik Mundahl received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 2009. He is a Registered Environmental Engineer in the State of Alaska. He has more than 10 years of experience working in the environmental engineering field throughout Alaska, primarily in the consulting industry.

Currently, Erik works as a senior environmental engineer for Travis/Peterson Environmental Consulting, Inc. in Anchorage, Alaska. His work includes the development and management of storm water plans, environmental impact assessments, design and permitting of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems, wetland permitting, and hazardous waste and contaminated site remediation.

When he’s not working, Erik spends his time chasing his dog around in the mountains and working on his cabin in McCarthy.

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