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AK-CESCL Training Program

Certification Process

To become certified as an AK-CESCL, you must attend the entire two-day course and at the end of it, get a passing grade (at least 70% correct) on a written exam. The certification is valid for three years.

To recertify, you must repeat the process as described above or there is a shorter refresher course. To be eligible to take the refresher course, you must have an active AK-CESCL number and taken the two-day (16-hour) class or Refresher Class within the last three years.

The AK-CESCL course can count as 16 Professional Development Hours (PDH) for the renewal of a professional license. To get PDH credit for AK-CESCL, maintain a copy of your AK-CESCL card (or a copy of each day's sign-in roster) and a copy of the course outline for your records.

If you're interested in receiving Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for a class you're registered for, please complete the following steps:

  1. Inform the Training Sponsor that you are planning to register for CEUs.
  2. Print and complete: CEU Registration Form
  3. Once you've taken the class: Mail a check for $60.00 and your completed registration form to:
Juella Sparks, AK-CESCL
UAF Cooperative Extension Service
308 Tanana Loop
Fairbanks, AK 99775

4.) Once the form is received and entered, a certificate will be mailed to the individual's address provided on the form.